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Love Is A Song Anyone Can Sing!



A native of Alexandria, Virginia, Jack Kilby has been a music enthusiast throughout his life. Having been exposed to great musicians from a young age, Jack has labored to achieve the highest levels of musicianship for over a decade. He began playing trumpet in fourth grade and drums in fifth, eventually switching to the euphonium in sixth grade. Jack was actively involved in groups inside and outside of school. He played drums in a rock band throughout middle and high school (T.C. Williams H.S.) while also serving as a member of the symphonic band on euphonium, the drum line, and the jazz ensemble and combo on drum set.

In 2007, Jack enrolled at the University of Virginia where he graduated with a Bachelor of Science in biology while remaining emphatically dedicated to his evolution as a drummer, participating in both the big band and combos. His time at UVA afforded him the privilege of developing his craft under the tutelage of the great trumpeter John D’earth, drummer/percussionist Robert Jospé, and many others in Charlottesville’s small but reputable music community. As Jack matured and grew into his own sound, he became a familiar face on the Charlottesville music scene leading bands that often featured professors from the music programs at UVA, JMU, and VCU.

In 2013, Jack relocated to Queens, New York where he attended the Aaron Copland School of Music at Queens College and received his Masters of Music in Jazz Performance in spring of 2015. There he studied with many world famous educators including trumpeter/arranger Michael Philip Mossman, alto saxophonist Antonio Hart, pianist David Berkman, drummers Donald Edwards and Dennis Mackrel, and producer/songwriter James McElwaine. Jack placed an emphasis on arranging, songwriting, and production while working to achieve a high level of mastery over the drums. In New York, he founded the band ‘Jack Kilby & the Front Line’ which features several horn players performing Jack’s arrangements and other tunes reminiscent of the Art Blakey & the Jazz Messengers repertoire. During the past few years, Jack has also found a reignited passion for the trumpet and looks forward to the day he will be able to be the trumpet player in his band (and others).

Jack has performed at Louis Armstrong’s Wonderful World Festival, C.U.N.Y. Jazz Festival, Zinc Bar, Club Bonafide, Silvana, Shrine (NYC), The Kennedy Center Millennium Stage, Blues Alley, The Washington Monument, Rock & Roll Hotel (D.C.), The Billy Taylor Jazz Festival (East Carolina University), and The Paramount Theater (Charlottesville) where he opened for Aaron Neville. He has shared the stage with incredible musicians including Antonio Hart, Terence Blanchard, Dave Liebman, The Yellowjackets, Anthony Wilson (Diana Krall), Vaughn Ambrose (Gladys Knight), John D’earth, Charles Owens, Hod O’Brien, Devonne Harris, Butch Taylor (Dave Matthews Band), Gracie Terzian, Annie Chen, and Erin Lunsford, among many others.

Jack was recently featured in an article published by C’ville Weekly about his band’s debut performance in Virginia during the summer of 2015: Bio-industry dropout: UVA alum Jack Kilby eyes career as jazz musician.


Jack on SoundCloud

Covering Out of the Woods

Original song by Taylor Swift. Arrangement by Ryan Adams. My cover and interpretation of his arrangement performing all the instruments you hear: vocals, guitar, bass, drums, shaker, tambourine, seed shaker, trumpet, and baritone horn as a fun project.

Really Love

My transcription and arrangement of D'Angelo's song for my master's recital

I Wish I Knew

Jack's trumpet feature arrangement of "I Wish I Knew," performed at his Master's recital with Wayne Tucker on trumpet.

The Theme


Jack Kilby & the Front Line

Founded in 2014 in New York City and inspired by one of Jack's favorite bands, Art Blakey & the Jazz Messengers, Jack Kilby & the Front Line features two or three horn players on 'the front line' backed by a relentless swing from the rhythm section. Each horn player, whether trumpet, tenor saxophone, trombone, and sometimes guitar, brings a strong, unique voice to the group that complements the others in the band while blending together effortlessly in performing Jack's arrangements and compositions. Core members of the group include Marcus Tenney on trumpet, Charles Owens on tenor saxophone, Elad Cohen on trombone, Allyn Johnson on piano, Kris Monson on bass. Be on the look out for their DEBUT RECORDING in early 2017!

Brett Jones

Jack is the drummer for the songwriter Brett Jones, his dear friend and fellow UVA/QC alum. Jack has been playing with Brett longer than anyone and in a variety of contexts, from big band and a flute-led jazz quartet to singer/songwriter indie rock bands. Jack plays drums on Brett’s first solo EP, due out in 2017.

Peyote Pilgrim

Based out of Washington, D.C., Peyote Pilgrim’s distinctive sound is rooted within the traditions of classical American rock, folk, soul, and blues. Peyote Pilgrim is a little folk-rock and a little blues-country. It’s unadulterated Americana and a whole lot of heavy soul. The band performed at the Kingman Island Bluegrass & Folk Festival in Washington, D.C. in spring 2016. Jack plays drums on the band’s latest album “Cowabunga,” which can be found here.


In 2016, Jack joined fellow Alexandria natives Andrew Pfeiffer, Evan Hulehan, and Garrett Clausen in the Washington D.C.-based band, FeelFree, which blends infectious reggae rhythms layered with jazz harmonies and musicality. Their diverse array of instrumentation allows them to effortlessly blend reggae, funk, jazz, and rock influences and has audiences fist-pumping and slow-dancing all in the same breath at one funky reggae party you won't want to miss. There is something for everyone in FeelFree's music, a song for any time of day. Visit www.feelfree703.com to learn more.



May 12: JACK KILBY & THE FRONT LINE @Shrine, Harlem, NYC, 6 - 8pm

March 10: JACK KILBY & THE FRONT LINE @Fellini's #9, Charlottesville, VA, 10pm - 1am

February 12: Jack Kilby Trio @Port City Brewing Company, Alexandria, VA, 3 - 5pm

January 10: Mark Meadows @Drift on 7th, Washington, D.C. 6 - 9pm


December 23: Virginia Coalition with FeelFree @The Hamilton, Washington, D.C.

December 9: Charles Owens Organ Trio @Miller's, Charlottesville, VA, 10:30pm - 1:30am

October 23: Jack Kilby Trio feat. Brett Jones @Port City Brewing Company, Alexandria, VA, 3 - 5pm

October 22: FeelFree @Boylan Heights, Charlottesville, VA, 10pm - 1am

October 21: FeelFree w/ Nesta @The Camel, Richmond, VA, 9pm

October 18: John Lee Trio @Sotto, Washington, D.C., 8 - 11pm

October 15: FeelFree w/ Nesta, Tropidelic, False Cape @Shaka's Live, Virginia Beach, VA, 9pm

October 11: John Lee Trio @Sotto, Washington, D.C., 8 - 11pm

October 7: Charles Owens Organ Trio @Miller's, Charlottesville, VA, 10:30pm - 1:30am

October 1: FeelFree @Gypsy Sally's, Georgetown, 10pm

September 27: John Lee Trio @Sotto, Washington, D.C., 8 - 11pm

September 24: FeelFree @Harrisonburg International Festival, Harrisonburg, VA, 2:45 - 3:45pm

September 18: JACK KILBY & THE FRONT LINE @Oxford Ave Rent Party, Alexandria, VA, 3 - 8pm

September 17: FeelFree @Canton Waterfront Park, Baltimore, MD

September 16: FeelFree @Penn Social, Washington, D.C., 9:30 - 11pm

September 14: Jeff Decker Quartet @Miller's, Charlottesville, VA, 9:30pm - 12am

September 11: FeelFree @Prince George's County Fair, VA, 1 - 2:30pm

September 9: Charles Owens Organ Trio @Glass House Winery, Free Union, VA, 6:15 - 9pm

August 31: Jeff Decker Quartet @Miller's, Charlottesville, VA, 9:30pm - 12am

August 30: Jack Kilby Trio feat. Brett Jones @Sotto, Washington, D.C., 8 - 11pm

August 27: FeelFree @Sauf Haus Bier Hall, Washington, D.C., 10:00pm - 1am

August 27: FeelFree @Occoquan Park Series, Occoquan, VA, 6pm

August 23: John Lee Trio @Sotto, Washington, D.C., 8 - 11pm

August 21: Jack Kilby Trio feat. Brett Jones @Port City Brewing Company, Alexandria, VA, 3 - 5pm

August 13: Peyote Pilgrim w/ Erin & the Wildfire @The Smokehouse, Leesburg, VA

August 12: Charles Owens Organ Trio @The Bebedero, Charlottesville, VA, 10pm - 1am

July 28 - 30: FeelFree @FloydFest Music Festival, Floyd, VA

July 26: John Lee Trio @Sotto, Washington, D.C., 8 - 11pm

July 23: JACK KILBY & THE FRONT LINE @Del Ray Music Festival, Alexandria, VA, 3 - 3:45pm

July 22: Charles Owens Quartet @Virginia Museum of Fine Arts, Richmond, VA, 5pm

July 19: Mark Meadows @Sotto, Washington, D.C., 8 - 11pm

July 15: FeelFree w/ The Movement, Signal Fire @Gypsy Sally's, Georgetown, 9pm

July 12: Mark Meadows @Sotto, Washington, D.C., 8 - 11pm

July 8: Charles Owens Trio @Miller's, Charlottesville, VA, 10:30pm - 1:30am

July 5: Mark Meadows @Sotto, Washington, D.C., 8 - 11pm

June 28: Mark Meadows @Sotto, Washington, D.C., 8 - 11pm

June 26: Mark Meadows @Baltimore, MD, 2 - 4:30pm

June 25: FeelFree @FloydFest Fandango, Floyd, VA, 4:30 - 5:15pm

June 19: Jack Kilby Trio feat. Ian Dansey @Port City Brewing Company, Alexandria, VA, 3 - 5pm

June 14: Mark Meadows @Sotto, Washington, D.C., 8 - 11pm

June 2: Vaughn Ambrose Quartet @Art on the Avenue, Alexandria, VA, 6pm

May 31: Shannon Gunn Trio @Columbia Station, Washington, D.C., 8:15 - 11:15pm

May 15: JACK KILBY & THE FRONT LINE @Port City Brewing Company, Alexandria, VA, 3 - 5pm

May 14: FeelFree @Old Bust Head Brewing Company, Warrenton, VA, 5 - 8pm

May 13: Charles Owens Trio @Bebedero, Charlottesville, VA, 10:30pm - 1:30am

May 7: Peyote Pilgrim w/ Dawn Drapes @IOTA, Arlington, VA, 9:30pm

April 30: Shannon Gunn Trio @Manassas, VA, 9pm - 12am

April 30: Peyote Pilgrim @Kingman Island Bluegrass & Folk Festival, Washington, D.C., 1pm - 2pm

April 27: Jack Kilby & the Front Line @Twin's Jazz Club, Washington, D.C., 8pm & 10pm

April 23: Charles Owens Trio @Bebedero, Charlottesville, VA, 10:30pm - 1:30am

April 17: FeelFree @John Hopkins University Spring Fair, Baltimore, MD, 2:45 - 4pm

April 16: Gracie Terzian @Bebedero, Charlottesville, VA, 10:30pm - 1:30am

April 9: JACK KILBY & THE FRONT LINE @Fellini's #9, Charlottesville, VA, 10pm - 1am

April 2: FeelFree @Sauf Haus Bier Hall, Washington, D.C., 10:45pm - 1am

March 25: FeelFree @Growler's, Gaithersburg, MD, 10pm - 12pm

March 18: Peyote Pilgrim @Acre 121, Washington, D.C.

March 4: FeelFree @Triple Crossing Brewery, Richmond, VA, 7:30 - 9:30pm

March 3: FeelFree @Boylan Heights, Charlottesville, VA, 9pm

March 2: FeelFree @The Whiskey, Wilmington, NC

March 1: FeelFree @Tattooed Moose, Charleston, SC

February 28: FeelFree @Pawley’s Island Tavern, Pawley’s Island, SC

February 27: FeelFree @The Bohemian Hotel Savannah Riverfront, Savannah, GA

February 26: FeelFree w/ See Water @Palmetto Brewing Co., Charleston, SC

February 25: FeelFree @Breaker’s, Columbia, SC

February 23: FeelFree @The Town Pump Tavern, Black Mountain, NC

February 21: FeelFree @Petra’s, Charlotte, NC

February 20: FeelFree @Palm Room, Wrightsville Beach, NC

February 19: FeelFree @Fardowner's, Crozet, VA

February 18: FeelFree @IOTA, Arlington, VA, 11pm

February 12: Peyote Pilgrim @IOTA, Arlington, VA

February 6: FeelFree w/ Giant Panda Guerilla Dub Squad @Gypsy Sally’s, Washington, D.C., 9pm

January 30: FeelFree @Growler’s, Gaithersburg, MD

January 29: Kris Monson Trio @Sotto, Washington, D.C. 6:30pm – 9pm

January 23: Ian Dansey/Kris Monson/Jack Kilby Trio, Peyote Pilgrim @DC9, Washington, D.C., 9pm

January 20: Jeff Decker & Mike Rosensky Quartet @Miller’s, Charlottesville, VA, 9:30pm – 12am

January 6: JACK KILBY & THE FRONT LINE @Evening Star Cafe, Alexandria, VA, 8 – 11pm


Jack has been extremely fortunate to work with so many inspirational teachers throughout his musical life from band teachers to private instructors, including Carroll Dashiell III, Robert Jospé, John D’earth, Michael Carvin, Gregory Hutchinson, Donald Edwards, and Dennis Mackrel. He is passionate about being that kind of mentor for the next generation of musicians and has been giving private lessons for over a decade. If you would like to study any of the following with Jack or hear more about his teaching, please send him an email to schedule a time.

  • Drum set (jazz, rock, funk, latin styles) & snare drum (rudiments, classical, drum corps)

  • Trumpet or Euphonium (baritone)

  • Piano

  • Guitar

  • Harmony

  • Arranging

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To contact Jack about booking, lessons, or just to say hello, send him an email at jackilbymusic@gmail.com